BlackNet Group QR Name Tags at ORGPRO

BlackNet Group has partnered with Business Speakers Bureau to provide QR Code Name Badges at MSAE’s ORGPRO 2011 conference in Bellaire, MI. 

ORGPRO brings together association professionals from the great state of Michigan to Engage with peers in their profession and borrow brilliance; Connect with industry professionals and solution providers from around the state;  Expand their knowledge and frame of mind on how to approach situations and make judgement decisions….and most of all, to have fun at the breathtaking Shanty Creek Resort.

BlackNet Group QR Codes will be on every name badge at the event allowing hundreds of participants to “scan” one another.  Networking contacts are recorded and emailed to each participant after the event.



Get your FREE QR Codes on Name Badges containing contact information for every attendee at your next trade show, conference, or other event.  Swapping business cards is time consuming and harnful to the environment.  Scanning name badges with QR Codes is edgy, fastest, reliable, and a very green way to network and follow-up.

BlackNet Group will provide an expert speaker to host a session at your event to educate your attendees about QR Codes and to instruct your attendees  on how to download the best QR Reader and how to scan QR Codes starting with the code on their own name badge.



John Chmela is an expert speaker who specializes in the development of creative solutions by embracing technological advancements in business and in life.  His expertise focuses on new technology and reframing complex technical issues to make them easy to understand for individuals and businesses.

· Marketing /Employing to Generation Y – Focuses on the Generation Y demographic as both consumers and employees.   Chmela has a keen understanding of Gen Y buying trends and the number one difference the distinguishes Generation Y from all other demographics.
· Social Media Marketing – Focus on how to give your business a presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; RSS feeds; and best practices for viral marketing.
· Advanced Uses of QR Codes for Business – Focus on what are QR Codes, how to use them, how to program them; how to cut costs and maximize you QR effectiveness.



John Chmela speaking at ASFA Independents ConferenceBlackNet Group was invited to speak at the American Financial Services Association (AFSA) Independents Conference  in Miami, Florida.  The topic was Marketing To Generation Y. We really appreciated all the great comments and feedback from the presentation.

BlackNet Group welcomes the opportunity to provide an expert presenter to speak on Marketing to Generation Y at your next conference or event.

Marketing to GenerationY (PowerPoint Presentation)


Welcome to BlackNet Group.  80 million Americans were born between 1980 and 1995.  Commonly referred to as Generation Y or Millennials, they are the largest demographic ever born into the United States…many millions larger than baby boomers born between 1946-1964.   Generation Y is so tech-savvy that “cyber” is commonly considered one of their first languages.  They are  multi-dimensional, multi-taking, social networkers.  They are the world’s first green generation.   In 2011, the first baby boomer retired…and while the 30 year-old Millennials are buying their first home.

Baby boomers currently control 70% of American wealth, yet virtually all of it will transfer to their children (Generation Y) in the next 25 years.  Generation Y does not respond to traditional marketing like newspaper, television, or radio advertising, direct mail or telephone solicitation.  They interact mainly on the web and speak primarily to each other through social networks.  They are your company’s future employees and customers…they are your companies’ future.

If you were born before 1975, Millennials suspect that you are (technically) incoherent and cannot or will not communicate effectively with them.

We are a consulting company that specializes in reaching Generation Y, Using QR Codes, and Social Networking in your business.  We take a hands-on approach to assisting your company through expert presentations, workshops, and developing customized applications for the Internet and smart phones.  We cater to your companies’ needs in the tech-savvy Generation Y world.


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