Welcome to BlackNet Group. With a billion quadrillion bytes of information on the internet, it’s harder than ever to quickly find relevant information online. So while the world keeps adding more and more information to the internet, BlackNet Group is adding the internet to the real world.

Our Products

Social Media Mat
Customers are your social media marketers

Place a smartphone on the social media mat, share the message on your favorite social media network and receive a promotional item.
Registration Mat
Capture and verify customer with mobile phone, email and more
Place a smartphone on the registration mat, enter your information and receive a promotional item.
Digital Business Cards
Transfer business information directly onto any smartphone
Scan or tap a digital business card and instantly add business contact information to your smartphone's contacts.
Digital Keychain
Vehicle information stored securely in a keychain
Store your registration, insurance, driver's license, owner's manual, emission's certificate, VIN number, license plate, call for service functions and more - all password protected... on your keychain.
Digital Nametags
Paperless information exchange for attendees at events
Swap information with others at any event. Leads are automatically sent to your email or CRM.
Digital Books
Interact socially with readers after publication
Empower readers to instantly access information about your book with any smart device. Purchase additional copies, read reviews, errors and omissions, video of the author or others, call, text, or email the author, social media and more.

Our Team