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QiD™ (for You)

The original concept for QiD™ is the digital business card. The idea was to organize and aggregate all of the ways that others can connect with you using their smartphone. QiD™ would contain links to your phone number(s), email(s), website(s), location(s) on Google Maps, your social media accounts, YouTube account(s)/video(s), Yelp reviews and more. People love QiD™ as a business card because it's edgy, green, fast and inexpensive, but most of all is that people accessing your QiD™ can instantly share your QiD™ on their own social media account(s).

Traditional business cards contain only a small subset of what QiD™ contains. For example, you might find your name, company, address(es), phone number(s) and email(s) on paper business cards. Your social media links might be found on your website. Directions to your location could be found on Google Maps or MapQuest. Reviews might be found on Google+ or Yelp. Videos might be found on YouTube or Vimeo. Also, other useful information might only be found by searching for your name or company on Google. With QiD, all of these items are located in a single mobile-friendly page and are shareable to others with one simple click.

QiD² (for Groups)

As QiD™ gained popularity, companies, associations, multi-level marketers and networking groups began providing private labeled QiDs to employees and members of groups. QiD² (for Groups) is designed to provide digital business cards that contain individual information and information about the company, organization or group. QiD² offers additional features like member lists, an event check-in application, inter-group email and more.

Groups benefit from QiD² (for Groups) because members receive all of the individual benefits of QiD™ and they also leverage QiD™ as their official social media marketing tool.

There is a lot of power in numbers. That statement has never been more true than it is now with social media. Each new prospect that you engage can instantly engage hundreds or even thousands of others through their social media connections. This means that a group of one thousand can reach as many as one million.

BadgeQ™ (QiD™ for Events)

QiD™ is especially powerful in high-traffic environments. Marketers can quickly distribute information electronically to prospects and invite those same prospects to re-distribute your information onto their social networks. At trade shows, attendees use BadgeQ™ for lead retrieval. Exhibitors commonly offer show specials and give-aways to individuals who access their QiD™ information in exchange for sharing your information online.

BadgeQ™ is the best way to facilitate lead retrieval for your next event. Since attendee and exhibitor information is transferred to a smart device, event planners are spared the costs of installing a barcode scanner which requires power outlets and to tether your lead retrieval to your trade-show booth. BadgeQ™ makes lead retrieval available to both exhibitors and attendees and serves as a new revenue stream for event planners who may elect to charge for the use of this service.

iVoxx (QiD™ for Vehicle Sales and Vehicle Owners)

Automobile dealerships have discovered a new application for QiD™ to distribute vehicle documentation to customers and prospects as well as to share the information with friends and followers on social media networks. iVoxx is a QiD™ companion product that contains useful information about the dealership and the vehicle before the sale. After the sale, iVoxx contains information about the dealership, vehicle and owner/driver.

iVoxx is a revenue producer for automobile dealerships. Dealerships purchase iVoxx in bulk by placing it on every vehicle for sale. Then, when the vehicle is sold, iVoxx is reprogrammed to hold the vital documents that're in association with the vehicle and driver (i.e. registration, insurance, emissions, title, driver's license). This information is stored on a password-protected and secure server. iVoxx information is stored on the vehicle's keychain and is accessible by any smartphone via scan, text or tap.