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Application: QR Codes to enrich the Holidays

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QR Code Holiday Wrapping Paper/Gift Tags, and Holiday Greeting Cards/Post Cards

QR Codes can be used to enrich the holiday experience by offering audio and video greetings on QR Code holiday postcards or by offering hints about the gift under the tree with QR Code wrapping paper or gift tags.

Holiday Greeting Cards/Post Cards

Imagine getting a greeting card or a post card with a large snowflake.  Inside the snowflake you can make out an embedded QR Code.  Scan the QR Code to see a YouTube video of the sender with their Holiday Wish for you.

Holiday Wrapping Pager/Gift Tags

Use QR Code to enrich the giving experience.  Purchase a gift tag or wrapping with a QR Code or QR Code Snowflake.  Program the QR Code to give daily hints about the gift inside. 

Day 1 Hint: It came from Macy’s
Day 2 Hint: We found it in the Housewares section 
Day 3 Hint: It’s not a Toaster.
Day 4 Hint: Makes great Marguerita’s

You get the idea. With QR Code applications, you can enrich the holiday experience by using your smart phone and a little imagination.  Call BlackNet Group to order your Holiday QR Code products today.


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