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Application: QR Codes in Restaurants

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BlackNet Group offers customizable and changeable QR Codes for restaurants.

QR Code on Restaurant Sign


Restaurant Sign

Have you ever seen a restaurant menu in the front windows of a restaurant.  With QR Codes, you can display a QR Code on a restaurant street sign, so prospective customers can scan from a distance and see your menu or your latest YouTube commercial.  QR codes are so versatile they can be used to attract new customers into your restaurant and also to improve the experience once inside.

You can also have patrons make their own reservations through your QR Code.


Restaurant Menu

In any restaurant, display a single QR code on each table top labeled “menu”.  Scan it with a smart phone and see the menu, and the menu can change for day-to-day.  This will save the establishment the cost of printing and re-printing hard copy menus.

Restaurants can also have separate QR codes with lunch menu, dinner menu, wine menu, dessert menu, or specials of the day.  If you want to get even more high-tech, the customers can submit their orders directly through their smart phone…which reduces the workload on the wait staff.

Restaurant Entrees

Don’t want electronic menus?  Keep your hard copy menus, and add QR Codes next to each entree with a multitude of options.  1.  See the recipe and list of ingredients
2. Download the caloric counts and add to your daily total(s).
3. Watch a video of the item being prepared.
4. See a YouTube video of the chef and read his credentials.
5. Order this item now…without your waiter’s assistance.

Contact BlackNet Group to learn more about the multitude of ways to use QR Codes to make your restaurant more edgy and efficient.


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